Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VIPS Visit

On Friday December 4th, I went to my elementary school like I always do. When I woke up in the morning, I felt horrible, I had a cough, sniffy nose and my ears were clogged so right away, I thought great I'm not feeling well but I decided to go anways because I have missed two times already from being sick and I didnt have a fever so I went. On the way there I was really dragging. So I got in there and I signed in and went to my classroom and reading intervention started and I noticed that I had a new group of students. So I introduced myself and the students told me their names and then I just kind of sat there because I really didn't know what do to. I could feel myself heating up and I was just out of it. So we started to play the games/activites and the first game we went through right away, they knew bascially everything. Then I took out the next game and there was no materials for it. The different activites had no materials for me to use so we could not do the activity correctly. I just kind of looked at them and said okay lets play a game of Guess Who? and thats is what we played for the rest of the time. I would tell them that the word that I am thinking of begins with the sound "ssss" and shines up in sky and they would guess what I was thinking. When I left to go to my first grade classroom I felt really bad. I felt like I didn't do what I was susposed to do and the students that I had in my group were not the students that I have ever had before so they did not know how outgoing I ususally am, because we did not have fun or at least I did not have fun. It was like a VIPS day gone bad :(

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